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Join us!

The Bagheri Lab is eager to recruit ambitious, whole-minded researchers from biology, engineering, computer science, applied math, and related disciplines.

Undergraduate researchers are most welcome and will be considered based on research interest and mentor availability.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Please send an email to Dr. Bagheri at nbagheri at uw dot edu with your CV and brief (< 100 words) responses to the following questions:

PhD Student Candidates

The Bagheri Lab accepts graduate students through the Biology, Chemical Engineering, and Molecular & Cellular Biology graduate programs.

Prospective graduate students are very welcome to get in touch with questions about the lab. Please note that the PI cannot admit students directly to the program/lab; every graduate student candidate must submit an application to a graduate program for evaluation. Once applications are accepted, graduate students are encouraged to reach out to labs of interest to learn about potential research opportunities.

PhD Student Rotations

If you have been admitted to the UW and are interested in rotating in our lab, please reach out to schedule a time to meet and discuss shared interests.